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company. it fell, but not significantly. nicole: one trader has a generator connected to a natural gas pipe. david: we like those. liz: we have all learned a lot about natural gas powered generators. the bells ringing on wall street on this friday. the dow jones industrials down. the nasdaq lower. the russell 2000 down 1.5%. david: gold is not on this chart. the real blow seems to have fallen off of qe3. gold shot up because they thought we would prefer digg a lot more money. the jobs report, it was not a great report, it was just enough. liz: the down move in the
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market. look at the etf. it essentially bets that the market will go down. it did. today's change of nearly 2%. david: we have someone who has placed a big bet on natural gas. hoping we would have these natural gas stations all over the country. natural gas, though, down almost 4%. it is a much more volatile indicator then what happens with petroleum. liz: running on empty. hurricane sandy washing away cars, homes and boats. drivers in new york and new jersey scrambling for fuel with lines stretching for miles and miles and miles. we are live on the scene. david: could this shortage
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expire people to learn more about natural gas. one company is hoping just that is able to build a natural death highway all over the united states. the ceo of clean energy joining us in a fox business exclusive. liz: stocks sinking. all major industries closing in the red. the s&p was the one able to hold onto weekly gains. the only index to and the week in the green. energy and utilities log. here's what happened happened with the jobs numbers thought the u.s. economy did add 171,000 jobs in october. the on employment number of 27.9%. august and september numbers
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were upwardly revised. u.s. factory orders posted their largest gain in 18 months. jumping nearly 5%. it was driven by a surge in demand for commercial aircraft. a category where orders had just plunged in last august. david: we have all of today's action covered. rich edson has information on the all important jobs report. jeff cleveland says today's report is just statistical noise so get over it. let's start with rich. i think this is a jobs report both candidates want to get over because it was a wash speaking there is enough in there for both to spend.
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both use this as evidence that voters should elect them on tuesday. >> today our businesses have created nearly 5.5 million new jobs. today we learned companies hired war in october. >> he said he would lower the unemployment rate. today we learned it is 7.9%. that is 9 million jobs short of what he promised. unemployment is higher today than when barack obama took office. rich: president obama's -- the romney campaign has featured bankruptcy with the government providing guarantees proposed financing. ohio could very well decide this race. president obama returned
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tomorrow. governor romney later this weekend. david: thank you very much. let's bring in our panel. liz: we have jeff cleveland and fill -- the action you saw today, didn't say anything about what we may see next week and review a little perplexed? >> we sell gold and silver get liquidated. they thought that qe maybe a little shorter and its duration. as the day went on, we sell oil prices continue to decline. we sell gold and silver break down harder. that put a lot of pressure on the margin situation. liz: we need to show a gold chart. gold plummeted today. gold was up about $1700, now it
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is 1678. if you look at the one week, you'll get a better sense of that. what do you attribute the following gold? >> we sell strength. it was the unemployment rate not having any type of shockers whatsoever. people are concerned that vernay keys days are limited. he is up next year. the other thing is we had a pushback to the average. this is kind of cleaning everyone out. if it is me and i have a lot of money riding on this call i may want to scale back because who knows who is going to win on tuesday. david: jeff, let us talk about jobs and the overall economy. good news, bad news, there was something for everybody in this. it still shows that the economy is sluggish. we have never, i think in the past four years that the
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recession, we have never really grown over 3%. it has always been a low 3%. we need to grow up four or 5%. >> i would love to see that. when i look at the 12 month average, it is both 162,000. today's number 171,000. statistically indistinguishable from the trend. this is not a significant acceleration in job growth. david: by the way, does this mean we will see another qe? the federal reserve is already buying a lot of bonds. >> i think the market came way of of consensus, the market took down gold on the idea there maybe will not be a qe4. baby at that end of the year they do not add treasury purchases onto the current qe3. i think it is so closely tied
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thought their policy is qe3 to improve the labor market. we have seen comments from fed speakers that the unemployment rate should be closer to maybe 7% from where we are now. to get there, even at the current pace, that will be another 12-18 months of bond buying. liz: it has been great for the stock market. looking at how quantitative easing has forced people to put their money in stocks which has better returns than anything with an interest rate. what level do we need to see the unemployment rate at before we would see the fed began to tighten rates] is that the 7% or lower than that? >> i think it is somewhere between six and 7%.
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looking at their speeches and how they think about this problem. the real issue with the unemployment rate is, as you know, there are so many moving parts. the fact that it picks up -- they were discouraged to look for a job. that is a good sign. looking too closely at the unemployment rate. david: go back to the cme for a second. what liz said is true that qe has been great for the market, but the federal reserve is not supposed to be based on the success of the market. it has two factors that is supposed to move it. one is the unemployment rate and the other is maintaining the value of the dollar. it is to lower unemployment and
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maintain the value of the currency. where is it succeeding according to its own standards? >> well, you know, that is really tough to say. i can see the direct correlation between the qe coming out in the stock market moving up. the reality is businesses are starting to hold more and more cash on the side. they are not expanding. they are worried about who is going to come in, the kind of policies will be in place, they want to keep as much cash as possible because they are concerned there may be some economic downturn. i think qe is good for the market right now. who is really helping, that is tough to tell. david: thank you very much. good to see you both. have a good weekend. liz: hurricane sandy ripping through staten island leaving the borough and it's residents devastated. this after anger really dealt with the decisions to have the
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marathon go on. david: the wait goes on. massive lines of cars waiting for gasoline. aaa sank 60% of gas stations are shut down. we are on the ground with a gas station owner. liz: the image of the long lines have sony wondering is it time to convert from gasoline to vehicles that run on natural gas? one company has been working hard to build what they call a natural gas highway. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is steve.
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david: shares of chesapeake energy falling today. let's go back to the cove petallides. nicole: looking at a lot of the
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energy stocks that came under pressure. one of them was definitely chesapeake energy. they came out with their quarterly report and reported a too big dollar loss. they are finding that although natural gas prices. the ceo aubrey mcclendon was trying to get great outlook going forward to 2015. at higher natural gas prices comes that will help the company improve its financial outlook. today's numbers that we see from this company were less. we saw chesapeake selling off much like chevron which it to noted oil production was to the downside. that was another entity named that came under pressure. david: the cool, thank you very much. have a great weekend. we have adam shapiro.
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many people mad as hell back that with all of this going on the marathon is still going on. liz: let's head to staten island. abuse of power just as people are extraordinarily concerned about getting any power or water. the abuse they are talking about is the usage for the marathon. what are they saying about in staten island? adam: they do not want the marathon to proceed because there is still a pile of debris. this is what somebody's livelihood was. i am looking at a box of old christmas ornaments, there is a child like caught the kind you put your 3-year-old on when you are trying to teach them how to
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ride, then when you come down here, you have refrigerators and stoves and things like that. they have a red cross truck here. volunteers from staten island have been coming here to help out their own. you are talking earlier about the marathon. we have interviewed countless of people here. one new york state assembly woman who thinks it is a travesty, not because they do not want a positive image of new york city, but they say now is not the time. postpone it for a week. they look for leadership from governor cuomo who threw it down and said it is a local issue. you heard michael bloomberg say the marathon will be run.
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charlie gasparino saying that may not be the case. the people here are looking for some type of delight until they get the electricity back on. back to you. david: gasoline shortages. triggering major pain at the pump. leaving some motorists stranded. liz: just how hard is it to get gosling delivered four days after this storm hit. first oil is set to the refinery. and from the refineries, this is the path that it takes. from the refineries to storage. then for refinery storage to what is called bulk storage. then from bulk storage it is delivered to gasoline stations. important to note, there is a natural disaster, the process gets backed up if there is no electricity to run some of these
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stations. >> we are same people showing up with gas canisters to fill up with gasoline because the temperatures right now have been dropping steadily. down about 10 degrees. the lines are getting longer. we see 65% of gas stations knocked off-line. it is worse in new jersey. about eight out of ten destinations have no power. they started after midnight on thursday. people are very worried about feeding their homes and getting gas in their cars to go buy food. what we are seeing is people pulling up. the lines are getting longer. they are stretching down to mouse. we have state troopers. we have people fighting and
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getting into almost fist fights. we had a woman who had coffee thrown in her face. i want to talk to this passenger. how long have you been waiting? >> a very long time. about an hour. where did you come in from? >> haywood. >> what you think of this gas situation? >> it is hectic. >> that is true. we are not just seeing people from new jersey. we are people coming in from new york state because they cannot get gas at those gas stations. we do know that governor cuomo -- we just had a guy fighting in line. he is moving to get gas. the terminals have been flooded in new jersey and new york. that is the issue. pilate is operating its own generator to keep the gas pumps
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running. double the capacity cost double the passengers coming into the station. liz: are they allowing everybody to fill their tanks up all the way or is there a limit? >> yes, they are allowing people. that is a good question. there is no limit, yet. we did hear about a report of a possibility limiting people. no widespread situation like that. that is not happening in new jersey on a widespread basis that we know of. back to you guys. david: new ersey gas is a lot cheaper than gas in new york. i merely because the taxes are a lot lower. thank you very much. gas shortages is impacting many people. they operate truck sensations through natural gas. nonpetroleum. is this the future of america's
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cars could suck the ceo joining us in a fox business exclusive. ♪ bob...
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liz: the start images of 4-mile long gasoline lines leave some of us thinking next time natural gas. one can only wonder whether the gas shortage may inspire people to convert their cars and trucks to natural gas. david: one company can only hope clean energy has been working to build a natural gas highway all over the united states trying to get people to realize this is the way to go.
4:26 pm
andrew littlefair joining us now in a fox business exclusive. as you look at these long gasoline lines, is there anything about the nature of natural gas and natural gas delivery from wholesale to delivery that may make it less susceptible to the gas lines that we now see for petroleum? >> we hate to see what is happening for all those motorists who are having a difficult time. of course, if you take a little step back and look across the country, natural gas is probably the most attributable fuel in the country. you could look to a future where almost every business, every manufacturing area, every distribution center will have underground lines. i think maybe that is giving us an advantage. we have -- we are small compared to some of the large operators.
4:27 pm
we have 49 stations in those affected areas. all of them are up and running. the fleet we serve our responders. we are very pleased we could get those transit buses back on the road. liz: there are not too many major carmakers cost passenger car makers that are out natural gas powered vehicles. do you think that will change? >> who knows. our company has been focused on goods movement and fleets. we do see a day here and we think we are coming up on it sooner rather than later. goods, trucking, long-haul trucking will move to natural gas. it is very important for what is going on in the debris removal right out in the northeast. 55% were bought on natural gas.
4:28 pm
the same thing will begin with long-haul trucks. chrysler has announced they are coming out with a pickup truck. we do have some fords on the road today. if you look at europe, there are 52 makes and models of natural gas vehicles. liz: is this a chicken and egg thing? >> right. right. about 250 filling stations in california. [talking over each other] david: we actually have a couple here in new york. i got into a cab a week ago. he claimed to be one of the very few. i think you can count them on one hand. he has one filling station in southern manhattan and one in northern manhattan. there is, you will have to build out. you talked about natural gas infrastructure for homes, it is true, it exists.
4:29 pm
you do not have one for cars and trucks. it will cost billions. >> right. by that ended the year, every 250 miles, not talking about heavy-duty trucks, every 250 miles there will be a truck stop. you mentioned our friends out pilate filled the natural gas truck stops. it is not enough? no, of course not. more will be needed. liz: a lot of these gas stations do not have electricity so they cannot extract the gasoline. >> right. we had toobringgdiesel generators and. [talking over each other] as soon as the water subsided, we got all the stations back up and running. david: the cab driver told me he saves have the money that other drivers pay.
4:30 pm
>> that is why, you know, i think this will happen. the infrastructure has to be felt up. the economics are on our side. liz: absolutely. we met out here in california, we have pretty expensive gallium. our customers save a lot of money. david: we wish you the very best. liz: thank you so much. there are only two trading days left until the election. what changes should you be making to your portfolio to prepare. our all-star panel shows you how to position yourself. that is coming up next. ♪ from investing for the first time...
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david: what is ahead next week? with us a bullish david hefty, wealth partners ceo and we have senior vice president and portfolio manager. guys, good to see you both. john, i want to go to you first, usually bears invest in gold. that is one of your suggestions but it was a bad day for gold investors to say the very least. were you buying today? >> yeah we were buying a little bit. i think we obviously got beat up the other day. goldcorp, we think that long term, looks really good for gold and certainly looks good for materials broadly. liz: what looks good for you, mr. hefty? you have a a lot of assets under management. were you out there buying? >> as we look at today we're taking longer term view. we think there will be continued volatility coming into the election. definitely post-election as you go into first quarter next year. there might be better buying opportunities down the road and then definitely what we saw today. liz: you say you waited and will not jump in just yet
4:35 pm
until you see things settled down just a bit? >> not necessarily settle down. there is room for perhaps a shorter term correction down the pipe as we get closer to the fiscal cliff. you can't forget that is real. it does need to be addressed. we'll see how that you can dos out in congress. i think markets will get a little jittery. but the bottom line. overall we're still bullish. we've seen housing market start to bottom and have a slight tilt positive. we have the federal reserve providing a backstop with printing and unlimited amount of money. corporations are flush with cash. it is really the perfect storm of a buying opportunity for the next, perhaps maybe a couple of years as we see how the next cycle works its way out. david: john, i don't mean to pick on you. believe me i appreciate many of your views on the economy in general but your other pick is oil stocks. oil again was beaten up. i'm wondering if there is not a trend here. a trend looking beyond the election to where
4:36 pm
commodities may come down in value and maybe now is the time to avoid them, not to get into them? >> i would disagree with that, david. i mean i think the reality, yes you're right, commodities and oil in particular gotten beaten up. october soft month for s&p down 2%. oil down 6 1/2%. i think this is attractive time to start buying to the other guest's point things are looking better housing consumer confidence, corporate spreads. all that is arguing for a short-term rally. but i think longer term i do remain bearish on the market. liz: david, the stability that would come, with a, a little bit of clarity who will be running the government for the next four years, and what that person would be focused upon. we know what steps they might take. also a picture of a little better stablized europe does not make you a little more bullish? if so where you would put the cash that we're keeping as dry powder? >> yeah.
4:37 pm
it does, is does make us more bullish. and so, so as we, as we look at this, it is a definitely a time to shift to the more higher volatile or more risk assets. consumer discretionary type assets, industrials. i believe those are an area where right now they have had some good runs but there is going to be more wind behind those sales. again, not a smooth ride by any means at all t will be a very choppy volatile ride but ultimately, a ride that people, that have a longer time horizon, preretirees, i'm not addressing people in retirement and taking district shuns from their income. liz: sure. >> from their assets but people have some time. now is the time to add a little more risk to the portfolio. liz: i think a smooth ride in the markets is long gone. i don't think we have that anymore. thank you. >> we're not going to see a smooth ride in quite a while to be honest with you. not at all. liz: thanks to both of you. david hefty and john stevenson.
4:38 pm
>> thank you. david: coming up in what way are great politicians and great film-makers alook? they both tell great stories. filmmaker peter guber is here to tell us which political tourries flourished and which stories flopped on the campaign trail. ♪
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>> i'm lauren simonetti with your fox business brief. a gloommy day on the street with all three indus sees finishing in the red. the dow closed down 144 points at 13,093. several airlines taking a costly step because they fear a jet fuel shortage at new york area airports. us airways and southwest are loading inbound flights with extra fuel. the port authority of new
4:41 pm
york and new jersey which operates three major airports in the area says despite the move they do have an adequate supply of fuel. apple's new ipad mini hit store shelves today shares of the tech company hit a 3-month low. the smaller version of apple's widely popular tablet drew thinner lines earned the world but customers lined up in new york despite damages from super storm sandy earlier this week. that's the very latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper
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liz: get to something actually been pretty good, the housing market. it is showing signs of strength across the u.s. as buyers return to the market. but is the bounce-back a head fake or real? we have the markets senior director of research and advisory joining us now in a fox business exclusive and we'll get to the sort of rent versus own point as of now. first off do you think the recovery we've seen so far is real?
4:43 pm
>> liz, good afternoon. it is a pleasure to be on the program. david glad to be joining you. yes, liz, the recovery this time around is not a head fake. has a lot of momentum and lot of fundamental drivers that make us quite convinced it is sustainable. first of all, we've had four years of underlying demand for housing, being created with swup ply having been pulled back, extensively. and that in off itself is very important factor in why this recovery is sustainable. liz: okay. the affordability is certainly an issue. affordability received new highs after reaching lows during the big bubble. that has to be a huge issue. it is not boeing for renting because we know the rental market has gotten very pricey but for homeowners? >> the rental market was the first to recover, liz, you're absolutely right because people were leery of buying homes and couldn't qualify for homes. qualifying for a home is
4:44 pm
still very tight. of course the job market hasn't been great but it has been improving over the last 18 months or so. so where we are today there is plenty of demand for both rental units, for that market to continue to do well, but as we see more and more consumers qualify for home loans and psychologically begin to take more risk and be convinced that the market bottomed they're now willing to actually buy homes. we've seen a major price correction, 30% plus which is unprecedented in modern u.s. history. there is more and more evidence that the price gains are sustainable. but we have to remember that the decision to buy versus rent is no longer just about pricing. there is a life-style prevalence recognize. we have -- preference. there are many, many demographic factors pointing toward continuing strength in the rental market. underlying demand is strong to support sale and rental market the next five years. liz: take it to the maps. we want to know where the
4:45 pm
best places to buy are right now? we have the case-shiller home price index, once again for a fifth month in a row showed real strength that was a good sign. where are we seeing biggest price drops? where are we seeing biggest jumps and where are the best places right now? >> sure, if you look at price increases over the past year, liz, you have markets like phoenix for example, denver, dallas, orlando. some of the markets that were hit very, very hard showing big gains in median home price. on a national basis we've seen about a 10% gain in price year-over-year. and then there are markets that are still lagging. so it really matters quite a bit how much job growth you're seeing in the metro. for example, phoenix, which is registered the biggest up jump in prices added 50,000 jobs over the past 12 months. that is very important indicator. the other indicator if we burn through the shadow inventory, meaning a lot of vacant homes and a lot of foreclosures, across the country you've seen foreclosures fall to 18% of
4:46 pm
total sales from a high of 30% which is another important indicator that the tells us the recovery is sustainable. liz: i like to hear that, that the recovery is sustainable. thanks so much. nice to see you. thank you very much. >> it's a pleasure. david: fresh air. what is the difference between political campaigns and hollywood movies? our next guest says, not much. peter guber, ceo and chairman of mandalay entertainment will tell us which candidate is doing a better job of captivating their audience or voters. liz: will a lucky streak dating all the way back to 1860 continue for republicans this election day? what is that lucky streak? we'll tell you all about it. ♪ bob...
4:47 pm
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david: well politics and movie making are not really that far apart. they both rely heavily on the art of story telling. when the story becomes too unbelievable, too much of a stretch you lose your audience. so have either two candidates lost their audience in this campaign? let's ask a wonderful storyteller, filmmaker, chairman of mandalay
4:51 pm
entertainment, peter guber. thanks for coming in. >> you too. david: let's start with mitt romney and some stories about mitt romney. by stories i don't mean to demean it. some stories can be true some can be fiction. up to the audience to figure out. let me put me in the place of mitt romney. i'm a successful businessman and i'm a bipartisan working and i can work with folks i don't necessarily agree with. is that story selling? >> based on two words is it authentic and effective? unlike movie where there is suspension of disbelief. here they're focusing on what their doing but focusing on what the opponent is not doing. does that sell? it is authentic for him, certainly? is it effective, probably some because the country is in need some real sense in business in their business life. david: all right. to your point that very often it is challenging the other, his opponent's view,
4:52 pm
romney's always challenging obama's commitment to freedom with things like obamacare and too much regulation and executive overreach. is that selling? is that idea that obama threatens your individual freedom somehow selling? >> it's authentic to romney for sure. authentic to his own constituencis. and pay i it forward to the power story to the constituencies. to the other end of the spectrum it is not quite as effective. people out of work, or don't have health care or worrying about that is probably not, effective to them. stories on both sides. remember he is selling to his own constituency, continues that support. trying to move people away on the other side. that is the challenge of this kind of story telling. do i focus on my strengths or my opponent's weaknesses? david: mitt had a couple of surrogates trying to tell the story for him. one of those famously clint eastwood at convention and the other is donald trump. how have these surrogates done for telling mitt's
4:53 pm
story? >> ought unauthentic and in effective. clint eastwood hoe i love, clearly, did movies with women, that cowboy gunslinger image doesn't work across most of the spectrum in the united states. it just doesn't work. donald trump everybody thinks he is a clown even people that like him think he is a clown. i don't think those are good surrogates to tell any story. david: talk about president obama, his story telling. up-to-date the hurricane, come out too often, essentially saying i'm the president, going to put things in order. how is that story going? >> well, candidly reality tv struck. fate and serendipity play a part in success in any story. the idea suddenly he was there when the hurricane happened and took charge of a situation and move the opponents to, you know, reward him with their connratulations, whether it is christie or others is a very valuable story,
4:54 pm
especially very close to the election today. you remember george bush when he stood with a megaphone at 9/11, create ad tremendous amount of support in that story. that imagery is very, very powerful. it makes him authentic and is effective. david: talk about obama's picking on mitt romney particularly with the bain capital stuff. this buy, bain capital is bad organization and guy who started it is bad too. how did that story turn out? >> you know i think it is authentic from obama saying it from that standpoint. i don't think it is particularly effective. it does not move many people across the meter. one of the things the story has to shine through. if the storyteller isn't authentic whatever he or she is saying isn't memorable, isn't actionable. i think that story has worn thin. david: finally the idea obama is sort of real historic game-changer, he can walk on water. he got the nobel peace prize before he did anything for
4:55 pm
example, has that story worn thin? >> well it did until the bin laden situation happened. because that was really, you know, magic from the pocket. that was kind of a life event that is transformative in terms of narrative, captured everybody's attention but their imagination. it did change perspective as international, gave him a folklore view. but whether or not really he is lookedded as on international person i'm not sure. >> think benghazi worn on that image too. >> yes. david: peter, good to see you my friend. mandalay entertainment chairman and ceo. liz: with the golden gate bridge behind him because he owns the golden state warriors. coming up could the actual date of the election determine who will win? we'll tell you why holding the election on the 6th could spell trouble for one party. date of the election determine who will win? we'll tell you why holding the election on the 6th could spell trouble for one party. we just said that, didn't
4:56 pm
we? we're repeating things here, fooks. we'll be right back. 4g lte is the fastest.
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so, which supeast 4g lte service would yochoose, based on this chart ? don't rush into it, i'm not looking for the fastest answer. obviously verizon. ay, i have a different chart. going that way, does that make a difference ? look at verizon. it's so much more than the other ones. so what if we just changed the format altogether ? isn't that the exact same thing ? it's pretty clear. still sticking with verizon. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
4:58 pm
energy is being produced to power our lives. while energy development comes with some risk
4:59 pm
north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly providing generations of cleaner-burning energy for our country, drilling thousands of feet below fresh water sources within self-contained well systems. and, using state-of-the-art monitoring technologies, rigorous practices help ensure our operations are safe and clean for our communities and the environment. we're america's natural gas. david: let us go off the desk. now we have the answer who will win incomes week. since election day was standardized, this is serious. there have been a total of six elections held on november 6th. and guess what. republicans have won

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